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my history with lego

since i was but a young lad I have been a fan of lego. i don't necessarily know what it is about these little bricks that got me hooked but i have spent countless hours of my life building lego, reading lego magazines, watching lego videos, playing lego video games, going to lego conventions, eating lego bricks, etc.

while a cursory glance at this page might lead you to think I pine for the lego themes of yore, I think the stuff the company puts out today is great (not that i have the funds atm to buy any of it though)

that being said, it would be foolish to deny my nostalgia for the themes I grew up with: 2005 to 2013 was when I was the strongest lego soldier, with a particular emphasis from around 2008-2012 i'd say

goated lego sets

there are a lot of lego sets

lego video games ranked

there are a lot of lego games. i have not played them all -- basically haven't touched any of them post-2015. but this is the ranking of the ones i've played (also assume any of these are on console):

9. lego jurassic world

8. lego batman 3

7. lego batman 2

6. lego pirates of the carribean

5. lego indiana jones 2

4. lego harry potter 1-4

3. lego marvel super heroes

2. lego star wars the complete saga

1. lego batman 1