about me and also about dimwit we're due for a proper introduction, aren't we...

the webmaster

Hi my name is dimwit but in real life my name is Henry. I am a student in university but i like to make movies and websites and music and other sorts of things.

my favorite things

movies: goodfellas, raiders, lego movie, nowhere, eternal sunshine, house,
music: beatles, alex g, neutral milk, kendrick, nujabes, daft punk
games: portal 2, tears of the kingdom,
books: slaughterhouse five
shows: sopranos, always sunny, neistat brothers, xavier renegade angel

what the fuck is dimwit?

so i guess if you don't know me or dimwit or whatnot you might be confused right now. and even if you watch the stuff or are a fan or whatever you still just might not know what the heck any of this is. and explaining it might take away some of the mysterious aura that surrounds dimwit buttt.... i don't really care right now. Dimwit's just an outlet for me to express myself, where I put a lot of effort into making things but also try not too hard to make things perfect or really good. cus before dimwit i would have all these creative ideas floating around my head but i was too focused on what i made being seen as bad or amateur or whatever that I just wasn't making anything. so i decided to embrace the stupidity of it all with dimwit. cus that just means someone stupid. and i liked the way the word looked when i wrote it. its got the d and the t bookending the 'imwi' inside... it's kind of like a palindrome but visually? nah that's not what i mean. The word looks cool is all. Idk. I explain my take on what dimwit is in the first video, so checkk that out if you haven't. or don't! feel free to stay here too. Or leave! I can't stop you or your mouse.

my cameras:
sony dcr-trv38
canon powershot sd880
canon gl2 (tapeless)
sony dcr-trv320
my PC:
ryzen 7 5700x
powercolor rx 6700xt
32gb corsair ddr4 ram
nzxt h510 (sux)
My Favorite Albums

Game Backlog

yea so 'backlog' is a dumbass concept that people just use to stress themselves out. buttt... here are some games i'd like to play:
  • playstation games:
    • the last of us 1/2
    • god of war 2018
    • ratchet and clank
    • ghost of tsushima
    • horizon zero dawn
    • bloodborne
    • uncharted 1-4
  • nintendo games:
    • super mario odyssey
    • link's awakening
    • majora's mask
    • ocarina of time
    • xenoblade chronicles
    • mario 3d world
    • super mario rpg
    • captain toad
    • skyward sword
  • misc games (pc, emulation)
    • mass effect series
    • cave story
    • nier automata
    • chrono trigger
    • deus ex series
    • resident evil series
    • metal gear series
    • disco elysium
    • sunset overdrive
    • hifi rush
    • morrowwind
    • fallout new vegas
    • final fantasy series (6,8,9,10 mainly)
beatles corner beatles-albums
members ranked:
george, paul, john, ringo
john and paul are neck and neck tho
albums ranked (uk):
yellow sub not included
  1. abbey road
  2. white album
  3. revolver
  4. magical mystery tour
  5. sgt. peppers
  6. rubber soul
  7. let it be
  8. help
  9. a hard day's night
  10. with the beatles
  11. please please me
  12. beatles for sale
paul john george ringo